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Glass Buildings

NHPO is a non-profit professional and organization that provides members with career opportunities, professional development and leadership training.

The National Hispanic Professional Organization (NHPO) was founded in Houston, Texas on January 1, 2004. The vision of the founders was to establish a Hispanic based organization that focused on the personal and professional development of the individual.

Career is also a pillar of the NHPO structure. As members of the organization participate in a myriad of educational and professional development training they do so to prepare and empower themselves for improved career options or to ascend in the career they currently have.

During the formative years of NHPO a significant number of business owners joined the organization. Recognizing the value of the personal attention and training, combined with networking mixers, business owners and entrepreneurs gravitated to the newly established NHPO.

As NHPO gained attention and recognition for their unique approach and commitment to professional growth, so grew the membership. New NHPO chapters started to appear in a number of Texas cities.

For the past seventeen years, NHPO has been developing the necessary infrastructure, governance and leadership to significantly increase the organization’s footprint. Indicators show that NHPO is well positioned to grow and fill a void in the Hispanic organizational and professional community.

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